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Works in Progress, Feb 2017

Stuff I’m working on as of Feb 2017. I have two more but they are not pictured. Two of these have been on going since the summer of 2016 and the other two are more current. That’s the plus and downside to oil painting. It allows you to work on multiple pieces at once since you often have to wait for a piece to dry before continuing, so you may as well start on another or go back and work on one in progress. But since oils dry a bit slower, you find you have multiple projects going at once while waiting for others to dry and some projects seem to get lost or forgotten. Then a new idea pops in your head and you want to get started on that and the others just sit there…waiting for some love.  But they’ll get done at some point…I’m sure this year 😉

Below is a wooden cube I started a few weeks ago. Since it’s a cube there’s no real way to work on it all at once. One side must dry and then I can start another and so on…I have most of the under-paintings done on it but still have one side to go, plus the base, which I just gesso’d today. Then of course all of the paintings, plus my ‘Blue Sphere’ and “Key West” which are not pictured need to be completed. I also have a concept drawing for a new one I want to start after “Isabel Del Mar” is completed. I hope to finish that painting in a week, with the hopes of shipping it out in another 2-3 weeks. The Big Foot and Flornado have been taking the longest, and I just started on the Sunflowers.