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People are people so why should it be….I make them look like huh?

This is my first post from my new computer, back to using a desktop which I swore I’d never use again. Ye Olde Laptop is beside me, resting, tis 5 years ancient after all. I’ve not gotten my photoshop transferred so I’m still limited on this new all-in-one. The purpose of which is to take really great pictures of the artwork and hopefully sell prints. Of course that would require a SLR camera to fall from the sky and land in my lap. Hey, one can dream! It could happen! I wanted a Bichon Frise and look….he’s right next to me, sleeping while standing up (I have yet to figure out how he manages that) and I wanted to learn how to draw people….who actually resemble people and….well we’re still working on it but MUCH progress has been made. In about two months of not much practice I’ve managed to draw people who, I think, more resemble people than cartoons, you can be the judge.

I mean so what if the portrait is of my father and his brother and my father asked who these people were 😉 They’re still people.  I typically ONLY paint/draw flowers and animals and lately some abstracts, people aren’t really my thing. People are rather difficult to draw, kind of like in real life, they’re a pain. Animals, flowers, much easier. Well okay orchids are not easy. Nor are they easy to grow and maintain…I’m seeing a correlation here. I seem to do okay with dogs, dogs are generally pretty nice creatures, cats on the other hand, yikes! I enjoy drawing and painting them but they are a bit high maintenance to create…they give me lots of trouble. Fish, no problem…easy, elephants, simple, cows….do them in my sleep….then there’s the GOAT…ugh. Just like in life…they’re adorable but they are a royal pain. Ha ha, and hugely difficult to paint/draw, at least for me.

It goes without saying….Sloths are simple 🙂